Getting Started

How to get started in a VET in Schools program

Follow these steps to get started on your VET delivered to Secondary school program

Step 1 Talk to the careers teacher at your school about your career plans.

Step 2 Contact the VETiS / VCAL / Careers coordinator at your school and enquire about the VETiS programs available.  Look through the SWTAFE VET in Schools Course Guide.

Step 3. Complete a Pre Training Review (PTR) to discuss course suitability and career goals with School VET Coordinator.

Step 4 Choose subjects that comply with any school-based units for your chosen vocational certificate. Eg. Maths, English

Step 5 Check your availability for out-of-school, off site delivery times for your chosen VETiS program. (Some classes might be held in the evenings, during the school holidays, or at another location, like a workplace)

Step 6 Discuss with parents / guardians your choice to do a vocational progam.

Step 7 Your school will contact South West TAFE and advise of the number of students interested in the particular program areas.

Step 8 Arrange 'Catch-up' chat with SWTAFE VET teacher to ensure right course for student.  SWATFE will discuss results of PTR  with student and or parent.

Step 9 Complete your online application via VETiS portal provided by school.

Step 10 School and SWTAFE to dicuss course viability and any over-subcribed programs

Step 11School to notify student of successful or unsuccessful application into the VET delivered to Secondary Schools program.

Step 12 Student's application into VET gets moved into an enrolment. (Automated process)

Step 13 Student pays VET material and resource fees at SWTAFE bookshop prior to course commencement

All arrangements must be made through your school's VETiS Coordinator


Times of classes will vary, depending on Campus and program. The following times and days are a guide only, and are when the majority of VETiS programs will run:

  • Warrnambool Campus - Thursday afternoon 1.00 - 5.00pm
  • Sherwood Campus - Thursday afternoon 1.00 - 5.00pm (Select group of first year Building students 8.00am - 12.00pm)
  • Hamilton Campus - Tuesday afternoon 1.00 -4.00pm

Most VETiS programs will require 1 or 2 week holiday block training, or evening work in the restaurant or workshop. Refer to 'timetables' on this website. This will vary from program to program.
See your school VETiS coordinator to work out how much of your school class time might be affected.


Student are welcome to stay in our ‘Student Hub’ after class until pick-up.  This is located next to our cafeteria, near the pool table and TV.